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The Hummingbird is a private healing center owned and run by Jim Davis & his Peruvian wife Gina.   The center has a live in shaman Maestro Don Manain Miche Amacifen. Our cook is excellent, and many people say the food is one of the best parts of the Hummingbird.

Jim Davis comes from Seattle, Washington in the USA. He has had an interesting and eclectic life working at various occupations including commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, chemist, then software engineer. His study of religion and spirituality eventually bought him to South America where he has experienced a variety of plant medicines. He has participated in over 300 ceremonies with 30 different shamans in Ecuador and Peru, and is currently training to be an ayahuasquero. Being on the other side of a life-long struggle with depression and alcoholism, his compassion and understanding of human nature has greatly helped many clients who come to the Hummingbird in search of relief from depression, or simply a reprieve from their busy western lives. Those interested in how ayahuasca can help with depression may want to read his article Ayahuasca as a Cure for Depression .

Here is an interview with Jim created by Daniel Satari:  Jim Discusses Ayahuasca


Gina Mosquera Davis   is a native of Iquitos and delights in ensuring our guests have what they need to enjoy their stay, and her warm and loving presence is appreciated by all. Gina  has a rich knowledge of medicinal plants and frequently acts as the house nurse, using her knowledge of plants to help people with a variety health issues.

Jim Davis. Learning Ayahuasca

Maestro Manain Miche Amacifen  comes from a family of healers as both his grandfather and father were ayahuasqueros. He was born and raised in Requena, a small town about 12 hours away from Iquitos by river.  Manain began learning from his father when he was 16 years old, and spent the next 15 years working at his side in his healing practice. When his father died Manain moved to the small community  of San Herardo, about 6 hours deeper in the jungle, and spent the next 20 years there as a popular and well respected healer. 

Manain is a very generous and caring man devoted to healing. He regularly does extra healing work on clients outside of ceremony staying very involved in their progress.     Listen to Manain's icaros

Manaco Ayahuasquero

Huesero (Bone Doctor) Jorge Vela Davila Jorge is a master huesero from a long family tradition of bone healers. The family gift is the ability to straighten out the skeletal system. His work is surprisingly gentle, massaging muscles and moving limbs to help joints shift back into position. Jorge is exceptional skilled at straitening out the spinal column and has straightened out scoliosis with a full inch of lateral displacement. He has corrected the breathing of many people who suffered a broken nose and been told by western doctors only surgery would fix it. Jorge is able to make delicate adjustment in hands and feet, and has also corrected many knee problems. If you have any persistent aches in the body we recommend you have him take a look as he may be able to clear it.

Jorge comes to the Hummingbird Center several times a month.  His session last 10-20 minutes and cost only 50 soles.

Manaco Ayahuasquero

Our Ayahuasca

The ayahuasca we use is among the best you will find. We proudly serve ayahuasca cooked by Ron Wheelock, the "Gringo Shaman" of Iquitos. After trying the medicine of over 15 different ayahuasqueros, we have found Ron's medicine to be consistently stronger, easier to drink, and offering a 'sweeter' journey than any others. Nobody drinks this medicine and says it was not strong enough. Instead, people frequently state it was the strongest medicine they have ever had, and often request a smaller dose their second or third ceremony. Ron apprenticed with Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez and Don Jose Coral Mori, the teacher of Pablo Amaringo and Eduardo Luna, and has been a practicing ayahuasquero in Iquitos for over 17 years. He is the only gringo ayahuasquero in the Iquitos area that works alone, without the assistance of his teacher.