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Accomodations and Meals

Guest House throughout the trees

Here at the Hummingbird Center we believe there is no reason to be physically uncomfortable while while doing this deep and often difficult work. We have invested heavily in creating a comfortable and beautiful environment so you can easily relax and integrate the work done in ceremony.

Our retreats are all inclusive with all medicine, meals, laundry service and transportation to between the center and Iquitos included. We use high quality mattresses for all our beds, and also have a room with a king size bed for couples. Our common area has very comfortable couches and chairs, and we use the best hammocks available in Iquitos. Art supplies are available in the common area for those who would like to express themselves with painting or drawing. The grounds are beautifully arranged and guests say it is so much nicer than they thought it would be from the pictures on this web site. Our center is also blessed with very few mosquitos or flies. People will get some bites, but most get by without needing to use insect repellent.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see more pictures of our grounds and accomodations or watch these videos to get a clear idea of our beautiful facilities.

Hummingbird Center Grounds

Photo video of a clients stay

Rooms, Meals and Laundry

guest rooms at Hummingbird Center

Each guest will get a private room. All rooms in the quest house have two beds in case someone wants to share a room with a friend. Most people on the 9 and 12 Day Retreats will sleep in the guest house on the far side of the swimming pond. Those on Personalized Healing Retreats will typically be on a dieta to facilitate their healing and will stay in a tambo for greater privacy. If tambos are available, those on the 9 or 12 Day retreats may choose to sleep in one of those if you desire, at no extra charge. Many centers charge extra for nicer or private rooms, we do not. Additionally, tambos have their own private toilet, along with a table, chair, and a hammock inside.

The guest house has a large porch with hammocks and rocking chairs. All our rooms include shelves for your clothes and other items, a place for your dirty clothes, and a writing table and chair. They also have electrical lighting that is available till our generator is turned off at 10 pm. There are no gadgets, TVs, internet or other distractions of the modern world to get in the way of your experience, so you can focus on your healing. We encourage those who have internet access on their phone to turn them off and actually "retreat" from the world while here.

porch with hammocks

Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in our moloca (traditional healing temple see the images below). All ceremony participants will be provided with a mattress, pillow, blanket, bowl for purging and some tissue to clean up. In the daytime this is also a place where you can meditate, do yoga or go to contemplate your experience.

All meals are included in the retreats and  the food served in our dining room is fresh, wholesome and fully in keeping with the ayahuasca diet. Meals are mostly vegetarian, but we occasionally serve fish or chicken. We will happily cater to those on vegan or vegetarian diets. Our kitchen is fully tiled and meets all Peruvian health and safety standards for retreat centers.

Laundry service is also included in your stay. A laundry bag is in each room and will be picked up when full. The clothes are hand washed, and folded and put on a table in the common area when dry. A charging station is also available so you may charge up phones, cameras or laptops. We are not connected to the electrical grid, but our generator does run three times per day so there is ample opportunity to charge your items.