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AYAHUASCA RETREATS - Healing and Transformation

The Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat and Healing Center is a shamanic  healing center specializing in plant spirit medicines and energetic healing. Located near Iquitos, Peru on 35 acres of beautiful and tranquil rainforest, the center provides an idylic environment for healing and personal transformation.

The Hummingbird Center offers a unique approach to the ayahuasca healing and transformative process that is resulting in excellent outcomes for our clients. See the reviews on Trip Advisor to learn directly from our clients how this has changed their lives and the high quality of care we provide. Details of this difference are on our Why Choose Us? web page.

With an emphasis on healing, we offer ayahuasca retreats led by expert indigenous healers. Manain our shaman has 40 years years of experience with the medicine.   Our ayahuasca retreat and healing center provides a safe, supportive environment for people to get the healing, transformation and spiritual expansion they seek. We foster an atmosphere of open communication that encourages dialog about the challenges of their past, and the insights and teachings received during ceremony.

The Hummingbird Center also works with Huachuma, the medicinal cactus of the Andes also known as san pedro. We have found ayahuasca and Huachuma to be very complementary. Some individuals have a special affinity for one or the other of the medicines. Occasionally Huachuma will clear blocks in an individual that ayahuasca does not seem to touch. We have seen a number of people who were stuck have significant breakthroughs with san pedro, then move on to have wonderful and productive ceremonies with ayahuasca.

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Focus of our Ayahuasca Retreats

The focus of our work is on healing and personal transformation - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We spend time with each individual to understand why they came and the outcomes they desire from their work with ayahuasca. This information is shared with our shaman, who works in ceremony to help each person realize their goals. Our circle meetings on the day after ayahuasca ceremonies reinforce that work, interpreting and expanding on their experience within the context of their intentions for that ceremony, and their goals for their time at the Hummingbird Center. Our retreats are limited in size, ensuring that everyone gets the personal attention they need and deserve.

The Hummingbird Center's approach uses a combination of traditional Amazonian shamanism, Huachuma, lifestyle coaching and compassionate and loving support throughout the healing and transformative process. We also provide teachings on the power and influence our beliefs and subconscious mind has on our experience of life, and practical techniques on how to reprogram our beliefs and subconscious to have a direct, positive change in what we create. The center is an environment of openness, authenticity and emotional safety where one can relax and be themselves.

Another feature that has been of major benefit to many people is our work with a master huesero, or bone doctor. Don Jorge is a truly gifted healer and has relieved hundreds of people of pain caused by the skeletal system not being aligned correctly. He has straightened out many peoples spines that had severe scoliosis, fixed a wide variety of joint issues, and fixed the breathing of many people who had broken noses, even those who had been told they would need surgery.

In addition to being an ayahuasa retreat center, the Hummingbird is also our home. Jim is in a apprenticeship to be ayahuasquero, and his wife Gina is a natural healer with an extensive knowledge of plant medicines. We participate in all ceremonies, and after the ceremony spend individual time with each participant, discussing their experience (to the extent they desire), answering questions, and offering guidance so they can better understand the healing process.

I wanted to write you a quick email to express my immense gratitude for you, Gina, and all of those who work to make Hummingbird Center possible. Ayahuasca gave me my life back. As you may remember, I was extremely depressed for several years before coming to Iquitos. I dealt with suicidal thoughts every day and thought I would never enjoy life again. I never say myself making it to my 30th birthday. Since leaving Peru, I have felt on top of the world every single day. I have not felt depression at all, and even more so, I feel as though I can handle whatever life throws at me. I wake up singing. I welcome each day and feel so receptive to all of the natural teachings that come to me in different forms.

I never thought that the plant medicines we used would help me in such a way. The work that you do Jim, literally gave me my life back. I have such a immense respect for nature now and for those who channel the healing potential that nature can deliver. Now that I am healthy and can embrace life, I have been working hard to help others and have committed myself to psychology and psychedelic research. I know that ayahuasca will always be a part of my life, and I can't imagine life without the experiences that I had at Hummingbird. So one last time, to you, Gina, Manain, and everyone else: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I wish the best for all of you and hope to see you again one day.. Nick, USA

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