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Transformative Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreats

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The Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat Center is a shamanic healing center specializing in the plant spirit medicines of Peru. Our reasonably priced retreats are centered around transformative and healing ayahausca ceremonies, and also include work with the visionary healing cactus San Pedro and dietas with other master plants as needed.

Our shaman is a fourth generation healer with over 40 years of experience with ayahuasca. We are committed to your healing and growth and provide a safe, compassionate and loving environment that allows fully opening to transformative potential of these powerful spirit medicines.

Located outside of Iquitos, Peru, for the past six years the Hummingbird has been getting excellent results for our clients, with most saying they received more than they thought was possible in such a short time. We are highly skilled in helping people understand their experiences, how their journeys relate to the changes they desire in their lives, and in helping people shift their perspective to see themselves in a more positive and empowered way.

Our methods combine proven shamanic techniques with the latest understanding of human consciousness and how our belief systems influence our lives.

In addition to deep healing through ayahuasca, in our retreats we also strive to help you understand fundamental aspects of being human and how to harness the innate power within all of us to live healthy, contented lives. In group meetings and one on one coaching, we teach how our minds and belief systems work together to determine our perception and experience of life, and how we can shift that dynamic to bring positive, desirable results. This teaching is done in simple language free of spiritual and psychological jargon, with plenty of personal examples so the principles are easy to understand and apply to your own life. The Hummingbird Center works to not only heal and transform your lives, but to provide you with knowledge and tools you can use to create the life you desire.

Since 2010 the owner Jim has been directly involved in guiding over 1000 people through this healing process

Dedicated to Healing and Transformation

The focus of our work is on healing and personal transformation - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We spend time with each individual to understand why they came and they are looking to address with ayahuasca.

Our shaman uses this information do do specific healing work in ceremony to achieve those goals. For over six years the Hummingbird Center has consistently gotten excellent results for people, with the majority saying that received much more than expected. We foster an atmosphere of open communication that encourages dialog about the problems of their past, insights received during ceremony, and any struggles releasing and leaving their stuff behind. Our circle meetings on the day after ayahuasca ceremonies reinforce this work, interpreting and expanding on their experience within the context of their intentions and goals for their time with the medicine. To ensure everyone gets the attention and support they desire we limit our group sizes to no more than 12 people.

Master Huesero (Bone Doctor)

Another feature that has been of major benefit to many people is our work with a master huesero, or bone doctor. Don Jorge is a truly gifted healer and has relieved hundreds of people of pain caused by the skeletal system not being aligned correctly. He has straightened out many peoples spines that had severe scoliosis, fixed a wide variety of joint issues, and fixed the breathing of many people who had broken noses, even those who had been told they would need surgery. Jorge says migrain headaches are caused by the C1 and C2 vertebrae not being aligned, and we have had a number of people write back months later saying they had not had a migrain since he adjusted their neck. Sessions with Jorge are only 50 soles, all of which is paid to him.

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This experience is challenging to put into words because of the depth of the journey but I will earnestly say I was given tools by the plants and the healing team involved that will forever serve me in my life. Both the Shaman and Jim were some of the most effective, caring, knowledgable, professional, and experienced healers I've ever met. They ensured the best experience for each individual in ceremony as well as the highest group healing experience. I felt very safe and taken care of during ceremony, as Jim and the Shaman were protecting the space and watching over all of us to make sure we were all ok. The helper who escorted us from the maloca to the restrooms was endlessly patient, sweet, and humble and had a grandfather spirit that I imagine would ease anyone's discomfort on the short (but seemingly long) journey to the facilities outside. The icaros that guided our journeys were beautiful and precise and I was absolutely amazed at the magic and talent of Ayahuasca, the Shaman, and Jim and their ability to take each of us exactly where we needed to go to heal some very deep and binding energetic patterns. If I were to attend a retreat again, I would no doubt return to Hummingbird because of the deep trust I have in the entire staff and in the plants.   Sarah, USA